Understanding Makes the Difference

One thing I love about mathematics is that it is a subject that learners can solve given problems following explained examples. When a learner grasps the logic or steps to solve a mathematical problem, it is easier to conquer any other related problem. Following this approach, I understood how to solve several mathematical problems andContinue reading “Understanding Makes the Difference”

Crucifying the Flesh

He ran helter-skelter not minding if he carried his garment along. He saw a glorious future and decided not to sacrifice his destiny on the altar of temporal fleshly passion. Unlike many young men and women who give in easily when lured by the opposite sex, his approach was to forcefully leave the seduction ambienceContinue reading “Crucifying the Flesh”

Death in the Pot

In one of my books, “God’s Thoughts for You”, I highlighted that divine health is a gift from God and God cannot punish His children with sickness. I explained that disease and sickness are satanic oppression and that aside from satanic influence, you can also invite disease and sickness through your lifestyle. For instance, manyContinue reading “Death in the Pot”

I Don’t Need Jesus Christ

“I don’t need Jesus” she boldly said. She then added, “I have my health insurance and can fend for myself” as she responded to a group of preachers who visited her. It was a beautiful summer weekend and some students were indoors at Haarweg 333, one of Wageningen University and Research students’ hostels, which accommodatesContinue reading “I Don’t Need Jesus Christ”

The Talking Spirit – II

In the first part of this article, I mentioned that God speaks to His children. A typical example is God’s conversations with Moses of old. God interacted with all the prophets in Bible times and He is still talking to all His servants and children today. I am amazed at how often God conversed withContinue reading “The Talking Spirit – II”

The Talking Spirit – I

“And God said..” appears nine times in the first chapter of Genesis where the account of how God created the entire universe began. It is amazing that whatever God said, He saw. For instance, in verse 24 of Genesis chapter one, God said “Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, andContinue reading The Talking Spirit – I