Palm Tree Flourishing Model

Sunday Omori The palm family – Arecaceae, has over 2,500 species that are of different heights and sizes but not all palms are trees. Some species of palm trees that grow throughout equatorial, tropical, and subtropical areas of the world are Oil palm, Date palm, Coconut palm, Windmill palm, Sylvester palm, Bottle palm, Christmas palm andContinue reading Palm Tree Flourishing Model

Feeding the Spirit – II

Sunday Omori God created animals and plants because He knew that some of these creatures have nutritional value for man. He however advises that man should not feed only the physical body but feed the inward man (spirit) as well. “And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, whichContinue reading Feeding the Spirit – II

Where are My Witnesses? – II

Sharing God’s Word with Lost Souls Sunday Omori W– wins lost souls I  – intercedes for lost souls and new converts T – testifies of God’s mighty works N – never gives up on lost souls E – empathizes with lost souls S – shares the Word of God with lost souls S – searchesContinue reading Where are My Witnesses? – II

Where are My Witnesses? – I

Sunday Omori Children, young men, young women and the elderly started running out of their homes at the sound of drums. As the congregation marched and danced joyfully out of the church premises, two men who stood in front began to lift up a banner with utmost dexterity while everyone sang in Efik language, “Emenede,Continue reading “Where are My Witnesses? – I”

God Seeking Generation

Sunday Omori We will ever be grateful to the generous Portuguese for bringing Christianity to Africa in the 15th century. Christianity caused a great change in Africa as Christian missions came with education, literacy and hope for the disadvantaged. While Christianity is fast growing in Africa, the reverse seems to be the case in EuropeContinue reading God Seeking Generation

Provoking God’s Move

Sunday Omori Every breakthrough in business, career, academics, marriage and other areas of life is guaranteed by the move of God. It is amazing that some people want to experience breakthroughs in material and physical possessions without breaking through barriers that hinder their relationship with God. In Psalm 24:1, God has made it clear toContinue reading Provoking God’s Move