Ashamed of Jesus Christ?

Sunday Omori I read a story of how a woman’s godly character made her husband and his friends to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This man wept when he surrendered to Jesus because his wife always tolerated his ungodly lifestyle and endured his ill-treatment. The worst happened when he went home one nightContinue reading Ashamed of Jesus Christ?

The Tongue of the Learned

Sunday Omori “The tongue has no bones but is strong enough to break a heart, so be careful with your words.” Anonymous I grew up in a community where it is common to hear a parent say to the child, “Naboboke”, meaning “You will die”. Aside from parents using these words, some people use them as a way of abusing or placing a curse on someone. LittleContinue reading The Tongue of the Learned

Flying like a Dove

Sunday Omori “We could fly so highLet our spirits never dieIn my heart I feel you are all my brothersCreate a world with no fearTogether we cry happy tearsSee the nations turn their swords into plowshares…. Heal the worldMake it a better placeFor you and for me, and the entire human raceThere are people dyingIfContinue reading Flying like a Dove

The Distinguished Brother

Sunday Omori He was not happy that God favored his brother. While they were still interacting, out of envy and hatred, he killed his brother. Many people have the nature of Cain, the first person to commit murder in the world. They may not have shot or macheted a sibling but committed murder by mishandlingContinue reading The Distinguished Brother

The Benefits of Loving God

Sunday Omori We love God when we: L – learn of Him; O – obey His commandments; V – voluntarily serve Him and E – enter into His gates and courts continually. Let us look at some benefits of loving God. Glorification God glorifies any individual who believes in Jesus Christ and walks with Him.Continue reading The Benefits of Loving God

Rural Evangelism

HEM Int’l in collaboration with Flamers’ Prayer Network carried out a community outreach program in Mbaamu community, Konshisha Local Government Area, Benue State, Nigeria. The November 2021 outreach had over 1,000 children, youth, women and men in attendance. There were massive harvest of souls as more than lost souls gave their lives to Jesus Christ;Continue reading “Rural Evangelism”

Sowing in Tears – I

Sunday Omori Growing up in Mkpani, an agrarian community in Cross River State, Nigeria, I realized that most subsistence farmers  named the time between planting and harvest “yowa” season because saved or purchased seeds of major staple crops – yam, cassava and maize are planted and harvested after a couple of months. During this “yowa”Continue reading Sowing in Tears – I