The Power of Gifts

I have heard stories of how newly wedded couples received gifts from friends and family members during and after their wedding events and when some of these gifts were unwrapped afterwards, charms were found. These charms were deliberately hidden in the gifts to cause havoc in the lives of the couples. This implies that someContinue reading “The Power of Gifts”

Acceptable Meditation

King David of old understood that aside from his words and deeds, his thoughts can deeply displease God. He desired that his meditation should not destroy his relationship with God. Every now and then, our minds conceive one thought or the other and these thoughts have the capacity to affect our emotional, psychological, physical andContinue reading “Acceptable Meditation”

Deliverance From All Fears

In his 1937 personal finance classic – “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill maintains that, “fears are nothing more than the states of mind and one’s state of mind is subject to control and direction.” Hill identified six basic fears in life and every human being experiences these fears at some point. These fears are:Continue reading “Deliverance From All Fears”

Either Sheep or Goat

He is always identifying people in his neighborhood and wherever he goes to help. Unlike some people whose wardrobes are loaded with clothes and have never thought of clothing the needy, this young man identifies people in church and neighborhood who are in need of clothes and other valuable items, to share the little heContinue reading “Either Sheep or Goat”

From Saul to Paul

In 35AD, a young man looked after the clothes of men who stoned Stephen, a servant of God, to death. In the old city of Jerusalem, this young man named Saul was known to be a chief persecutor of the early Christians – threatening God’s disciples and capturing them for imprisonment and execution. Researchers suggestContinue reading “From Saul to Paul”