Being in Health – III

I will continue this message by looking at other keys to walking in divine health. Be a Word-addict Many Christians have received Jesus Christ into their hearts, but have rejected and lack the knowledge of God’s word including divine health. God has instructed His children to give attention to His word so that they canContinue reading “Being in Health – III”

Being in Health – II

I discussed the meaning of health and the source of divine health in the first part of this message. I will now discuss the source of disease and sickness and how one can walk in divine health. Source of Disease and Sickness In my concluding statement of Part 1 of this message, I said thatContinue reading “Being in Health – II”

Being in Health – I

John, one of Jesus’ disciples, prayed for the early church in 3 John 2 that they be in health aside enjoying emotional, mental, material and financial prosperity. He understood that without sound health it will be difficult to enjoy other forms of wealth. I guess the World Health Organization has similar understanding by defining healthContinue reading “Being in Health – I”

The Prosperous Soul

Dr. Myles Munroe of blessed memory said, “Poverty is the lack of creativity, and not the lack of resources.” This means that poverty is the lack of ability to produce something. When Jesus said that we will always have the poor among us, but not always have Him in John 12:8, He didn’t mean that we should countContinue reading “The Prosperous Soul”

Peace Beyond Understanding II

I discussed the source of peace in the first part of this message. I will now highlight how one can live in peace from within and with neighbors. Living in Peace We can live in peace which God gives to believers. It is a journey that begins with staying connected to the source of peace.Continue reading “Peace Beyond Understanding II”

Peace Beyond Understanding I

God desires that His children enjoy all-round peace. One of God’s great names is Jehovah Shalom. Shalom – (shaw-lome’), is a Hebrew word translated as peace. According to Strong’s concordance, it means completeness, soundness, and welfare. It is derived originally from the word shalam (shaw-lame’), which means to make amends or to make whole. “Then Gideon built an altar there untoContinue reading “Peace Beyond Understanding I”

Enjoying All-round Fruitfulness II

Fruitfulness of Your Body God made man and set up the reproductive systems in both Adam and Eve before commanding them to be fruitful. The pronounced blessing concerning child bearing came to fruition as Eve gave birth to Cain, Abel, Seth and others. The Bible says Cain was the first son and Abel, the secondContinue reading “Enjoying All-round Fruitfulness II”

Enjoying All-round Fruitfulness I

God desires that His children enjoy all-round fruitfulness. I will discuss fruitfulness here as being productive spiritually; in mind, body and work. After God made the first man and woman, He blessed them and asked them to be fruitful. “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish theContinue reading “Enjoying All-round Fruitfulness I”