Be a Faithful Servant

The Oxford English Dictionary describes the word, faithful, as staying with or supporting a particular person, organization or belief. Remaining loyal and steadfast is another way an online dictionary describes it. I will use the word faithful here as being loyal to Jesus Christ and steadfast in God’s kingdom service. After revealing the events ofContinue reading “Be a Faithful Servant”

The Fish’s Belly Prayer (Part 2)

In the first part of this message, we looked at what connotes the fish’s belly. Aside being a place of slavery and confusion, the fish’s belly is a place of limitation. Jonah couldn’t achieve anything inside the big fish. In this situation, one faces limitations from forces of darkness despite all efforts made. A lifeContinue reading “The Fish’s Belly Prayer (Part 2)”

The Fish’s Belly Prayer (Part 1)

It is said that what you do not want to see happening in your life, you don’t watch it continue. One of the ways to come out every situation you don’t want in your life is prayer; not just any kind of prayer but desperate and heartfelt prayers. Jonah prayed desperate prayers in the bellyContinue reading “The Fish’s Belly Prayer (Part 1)”